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The Best Smartwatch in The Marketplace

In this modern life, everyone seems to be talking about one of the latest trends in wearable technology, a smartwatch. From big names in the market to the traditional watchmakers, companies have worked to create smartwatches which deliver apps, notification, and much more right on your wrist.

Although different smartwatches have different designs and features, the main goal of a smartwatch is to save your time. This smart device allows you to control music, check incoming notifications on your wrist without having to reach out for your phone. Some even work independently of a phone. With the many brands in the market, the big question is which is the best smartwatch in the marketplace? To answer this question here are the factors and elements which the best smartwatch has to possess.


The best smartwatch for you must be compatible with your phone. Although connections are mainly done via Bluetooth, compatibility depends on the type of operating system. For example, smartwatches using, Android Wear, connect with Android phones. On the other hand, Apple Watch strictly connects with iOS-powered devices, that is iPads and iPhones only. Other than this, the best smartwatch should keep all software updated and have password protection to minimize chances of cyber-attacks.


One of the best technology-related things in the modern world is apps. Apps have thousands of benefits, be it communication, keeping track of your weight, and so on. Ensure that the smartwatch supports the apps you need, like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

The best smartwatch should support as many apps as possible. It should also allow you to install the apps directly on the watch instead of going through your smartphone.


Other than telling you the time, notifications are one of the top benefits of a smartwatch. It allows you to receive your phone’s notifications without having to reach out for your phone. It will show you email alerts, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, calendar notifications and much more.

The best smartwatch should allow you to respond directly right on the watch.

Personalization and Design

The best smartwatch in the marketplace should offer you customization option before you buy. This includes the material, band color, face color, the finish and even size. Its straps should also simple clasps to ensure comfort and ease in opening and closing.

eHealth Tracking

If you are into fitness, you need an App that keeps track of your work out regime, and calories intake, calories burned, sleep, steps, and distance walked, etc. Thus the best smartwatch for your needs to double up as a
fitness tracker. If it has a heart rate monitor and even inbuilt GPS, the
better it is for you.


Smartwatches come in either AMOLED display or LCD display. Both will offer you colorful display, but this means that they consume a lot of power. LCD display tends to be thicker than AMOLED. If you want your smartwatch being as thin as possible, consider one with AMOLED display.

With these tips, you will find the best smartwatch in the marketplace. Think critically about how you want to use it. This will help you plan and be clear about what you are looking for.



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