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Tips on Using a Drone

Drones are literary everywhere. Be it in construction sites, zipping in the skies, or aerial photography, you will find drones being used. Quickly evolving technology, as well as huge consumer interest, has made drones popular. If you are looking forward to joining the drone revolution, there’s no better time than now. But how are you going to use the drone? Here are tips on using a drone.

Be Careful where You Fly

There are many laws affecting drones. Most countries are now enacting rules and regulations for drones. Unless you are using the drone for commercial purposes, you do not need a license. However, drones can’t be flown anywhere. When flying your drone, always ensure that you fly it below 400 feet. Flying at this level ensures that you capture your videos and images clearly and they don’t look like images and videos from Space. You also have to keep the drone within direct sight and never fly the drone near an aircraft or anywhere within 5 miles of an airport.

Monitoring its Flight

You can either watch the drone itself or monitor using your phone’s screen. Connect the controller to your phone or any other device. This will give you the view from the camera on the drone. After a few trials, you will easily master this. Different models have slight variations, ensure that you follow your manual and watch videos specific to your model.

Use Automatic Mode

This might be hard if you are one of those people who love shooting using the manual mode. Using automatic exposure mode on the drone’s camera gives you time to learn it’s other controls. Once you are comfortable with other controls, you can try setting your exposures. This is especially
critical if you are using the drone to take photos.

Get Several Batteries

Irrespective of what you are using it for, get multiple batteries for your drone. Most drone batteries last for about half an hour. This is a short, and it might be difficult to charge your battery in between using the drone. Two batteries are enough, but if you don’t mind, you can get up to four. Remember that these batteries are expensive, so mind your expenses.

Stay Away from Everything

This is the golden rule for starters! As you learn to use the drone practice in an open space. Stay away from buildings, cars, people, trees and power lines. A slight mistake might result in a clash, and we don’t want
that. Remember that practice makes perfect. Thus practice this daily to become an expert. The daily practice also helps with muscle memory which is very crucial in flying drones.

Check the Weather

Windy days are some of the hardest days to fly a drone. Most drones can stand moderate wind, but when its super windy it is best to wait till the weather conditions stabilize. You should also avoid flying a drone in
the rain. Other than the drone getting damaged, the quality of your footage or images is likely to be poor under such weather conditions.

With this tips, you will master the skill of using a drone quite fast. So take your drone, get out there and do it!



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